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Azalea 'Gislinde'


deciduous azaleas

In this section you can find the dazzlings of our sortiments. Flashy, shiny, loud colors in white, yellow and red tones can be found very often here. Additionaly some of these plants also smell nicely. The summergreen azaleas can be used best for very sunny areas and do not have a lot of requirements anyway. During autumn they inspire by an attractive fall coloring which varies from yellow to red. This means that friends of exotic colorings should pay attention to these winter robust plants. Please take a look!

evergreen azaleas

Japanese azaleas (Rhododendron x obtusum) are a centric point of garden elements in far east culture since centuries. The meaning of this gardening plant has been documented 450 years ago! They made their way to Germany at the beginning of last century and is grown carefully.
In this category we have listed our current sortiment, which at our oppinion creates the biggest enjoyment for you and your customers.
Characteristical for japanese azaleas are their rich flowering in almost all colormixes. Together with their compact grows they create even color pillows during flowering time, which keep your attention almost forever. Japanese azaleas almost have no requirements, so they need only a little fertilizer and watering. Also they are more resistant to lime than most of the other rhododendron species. The possible usage of japanese azaleas is very broad, and due to their little height these treasures are in trend.