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Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Aprilmorgen' NEUHEIT!


big-flowered hybrids

If nowadays somebody imagines a plant of the specy rhododendron and has do describe it, he will most likely describe one which has to be classified as a big-flowered hybrid. This can probably be argued with the fact that it is one of the most important rhododendron group. Characteristicly for this groups are (as you can see by its name) relative big flowers which consist of 20 single flowers. The attractivity is also raised by the broad palette of different colors: white, pink, orange, red, violette colortones, which sometimes have enormous glowings. Additionaly there are types which highlight themselfs with differences in drawings and patches.
Some others even have frilly edged flowers. The big-flowered hybrids can reach during lifetime heights of 2.5 - 3 m and can be even as wide, although this statement is species-specific.

yakushimanum hybrids

This group made, from a breeding point of view, an enormous boost in last 30 years and is currently the most growing hybrid group. This is based on some very big advantages of the wildform rhododendron yakushimanum. 1937 the solely on the japanese island Yaku Shima living wildform got introduced. Especially the very compact and slow growing,
which is wider than high, raised very early the interest of gardeners.
Additionaly the rhododendron yakushimanum has a very graceful, evaporation-protected, hairy up- and downside of the leaf (which is called indumentum). At this point, also the general health, the hard dark leaf and the high frost-proofment must be remarked. Only a few types need a special winter protection.

botanic hybrids

In this category of botanic hybrids you can find a lot of garden treasures, which show their attractiveness and charme on different ways: ample leaf beauties, effective flowermagic and very special growing forms. Little growing Rh. repens forms are ideal for grave plantings, but also
tight upwards growing forms as alternatives to standard hedge sortiments with special assets are listed here. Also at the flower dates the time of flowering is expanded far into spring as well as into early summer.

wildforms and dwarf forms

Listed in this category of our sortiment are rhododendron smallforms.
While the flowering, these attract interest by unbelievable wealth of flowers. Flower pillows, especially in different tones of blue and violet, but also in white, pink and special forms, create very harsh contrasts to the general gardening green. Due to their little growing, they are idealy useable for plant containers or grave plantings.